Toji Temple, Kyoto -Night viewing of illuminated cherry blossoms –

Night viewing of illuminated cherry blossoms

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1.My visit

  • date   :8th April 2019,  around 7 pm
  • place  :To-ji temple, Kyoto
  • event :cherry blossom
  • access:taxi

2.Comment of this site owner

It is fantastic to enjoy cherry blossoms-viewing with drinking sake or beer, when it is nice outside in Spring ! Also, night viewing of illuminated cherry blossoms were so nice !

I hope you all enjoy the images of the temple and cherry blossoms below.

This Shingon buddhist temple is famous for its fleamarket.

The temple is also famous for its flea market.

what is flea market!?

flea market (or swap meet) is a type of street market which provides space for vendors to sell previously-owned merchandise.

Consistently, there tends to be an emphasis on sustainable consumption whereby items such as used goods, collectiblesantiques and vintage clothingcan be purchased.

-Above are excerps from Wikipedia-
Flea market – Wikipedia


The images are not added any special effect, but so beautiful.

It is like Japanese woodblock prints !

Some of them look autumn leaves.

It’s so beautiful! isn’t it?


JR Kyoto→15min walk
Keihan Toji→10min walk

Kintetsu Toji→10min walk

Above information from  Wikipedia

To-ji temple – Wikipedia

5. Dinner after my visitting To-ji temple -Restaurant Kuu, you can try a duck hot pot –

The restaurant is 1minite walking distance from the main entrance of To-ji temple.

Entrance of the restaurant.

Quiet space.

You can try a delicious duck hot pot there!

They also provides many kinds of Sake or Shochu. 

Though the menus were not very cheap,  I think it was worth trying.


A duck hot pot & Machiya-Cafe KUU

That is all for my report for visiting To-ji temple.