Samurai Cafe -Shishin-

Today, I introduce a SAMURAI cafe “Shishin” in Kyoto.

I’ve heard about rumors about the cafe from some foreigners.

I have wanted to visiting the cafe since then.

5 minutes walk from karasuma-oike station in kyoto subway line. (what a difficult name!)

At first glance, I thought it was smaller than I expected…, but I was wrong!


It was relatively wide among Kyoto izakaya(Japanese style bar) . All customers, except us, were from overseas, I guess.


Staffs also wear costumes like samrai…,


General image of samurai is like below

or like below.

upps…this is not samurai, this is ninja!

There is a fireplace in the middle of the living room floor.


This is called “Irori” in Japanese.


I wish we could use this seat next time !


We were served a table with chairs.


The menu book  also look classic.


There are vegetarian or gluten-free menus.


Also, there is English description(I guess they have English menu).


Some menus are related to famous bladesmen, such as “Ryoma Sakamoto”, “Takamori Saigo”, “Nobunaga Oda”, “Kaisyu Katsu”.


Samurai menus are relatively expensive, while others are not.

We ordered  Nobunaga Oda loved this roasted chicken with Port Wine(1,200JPY)

They offer some other menus, such as Tempra, salad. Yammi!


Craft beer of Mino.


Some photos of famous bladesmans.


That’s all for today”post.

This is the truth about SAMURAI CAFE in KYOTO.

I wish you like it!