Sushi-Iwa, the world’s best Sushi restaurant for Steve Jobs-1

I visited the sushi restaurant which is said that Steve Jobs loved.

I have known the restaurant “Sushi-Iwa” for the first time when I moved to Kyoto in 3 years ago.

I have heard that a world’s well-known figure “Steve Jobs” said, “ There is the world’s best sushi restaurant in Kyoto!”

Steve Jobs・・・Do you know him?

If you don’t know (or if you are not interested in) him, you would probably not read this article, so I will keep talking.

Right after I heard about reputation of the sushi restaurant, I decided to go there.

I though it must be quite expensive, because it was loved by the world’s famous figure “Steve Jobs” ! Maybe, It might be too expensive to visit for a normal citizen like me.

Anyway, I searched the official site of the sushi restaurant “Sushi-Iwa”, and found it easily.

I though I found it, because the site did not mention on Steve Jobs at all!

But many other customers of it reviewed about the restaurant, and some of them mentioned “Steve Jobs”, so I was sure that the restaurant is it !

In addition, I have known by some google search results that a famous Japanese comedian Mr. Watanabe from Unjash, also visited the store.

This image is a few of their sushi menus. 

Regarding the prices,

The cheapest course menus for dinner was 10,000 JPY. It is more reasonable than I though!

I asked a girl to go there with me, and made a phone call to the restaurant for making a reservation for 2 people.

They asked me “which one would you like to choose?” “Counter seats or table seats?”

Though counter table was also attractive, I chose table seats because that was a kind of dating for me.

This is the story of a few days before I visited the restaurant Sushi-Iwa for the first time in 2 years ago.

The day of my first visit

I woke up around noon of the day.

My smartphone received a message from the woman who was supposed to got to the restaurant with me tonight.

I had a bad feeling.

The message said “I am sorry but I can not go there tonight”.

Oh No!

I got to go there alone ?

And the cancellation fee was 5,000 yen per person. Should I pay it instead of her? or I also should cancel the reservation?

After hours of dithering, I decided to be there alone.

Even I has to pay the cancellation fee for her, I should try the sushi of the restaurant ! (Actually, she offered me she would pay the cancellation fee for her, but I would not take it from her)

And finally I got the restaurant alone.

The image is not blurred because the lens is cloudy with tears. It simply failed to take clearly.

No seats available at the day of Sushi-Iwa. Only one vacant table which can maximum 5 people was prepared for us.

It was vacant as if it was waiting for us.

“I had a reservation for two people today, but one person suddenly can’t come …”

The staff seemed to understand the situation.

“We will not charge the cancellation fee this time, because you are coming even you are alone.” he said.

Thank you so much !


I decided to eat and drink a lot ! for their kindness !

Before I came into it, I’d be thinking there were lots of Jobs signs and photos on the wall of the restaurant. But as the same like their WEB site, there were no photos or signs of celebrities who came to the restaurant.

They must take pride in their quality and taste.

Anyway, I started to eat their sushi that Jobs loved.

Images of my first visit

From here, please enjoy some images of

Shrimp, squid, hamachi.


Eel … Maybe.


I don’t remember well which menus I ordered, because it was 2 years ago.


matsutake mushroom. I felt autumn!


Toro that costs around 2,000 yen. So Yammi!


Japanese Sake. So Gorgeous! (Sorry my poor vocabulary)


I had been so drunk since I was drinking sake…

So far, this was the first time I visited the store, and when I got the sushi that Jobs loved.

I remember that was less than 30,000 yen for one person.

I will talk to this story in my next blog post.

Please looking forward to it !