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You can get it ! which is appeared in the movie 『BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY』, also might be owned by Freddie Mercury or QUEEN, when you go to Golden pavilion in Kyoto.

“BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY” is the best movie ever! Have you watched the great movie『BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY』featuring Freddie Mercury and Queen? I have watched it three times! The first and second time were in the theaters. The third time was by purchasing the streaming video. That was awesome! That was the best ever! Even me, who has been a fun of them…

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Toji Temple, Kyoto -Night viewing of illuminated cherry blossoms –

Night viewing of illuminated cherry blossoms TOC(Table Of Contents) my visit Comment of this site owner images of Toji temple Access to Toji temple Dinner -A duck hot pot restaurant, Kuu- 1.My visit date   :8th April 2019,  around 7 pm place  :To-ji temple, Kyoto event :cherry blossom access:taxi 2.Comment of this site owner It is fantastic to enjoy cherry…

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Samurai Cafe -Shishin-

Today, I introduce a SAMURAI cafe “Shishin” in Kyoto. I’ve heard about rumors about the cafe from some foreigners. I have wanted to visiting the cafe since then. 5 minutes walk from karasuma-oike station in kyoto subway line. (what a difficult name!)       General image of samurai is like below or like below. upps…this is not samurai,…

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